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It’s been about a year since my last brew attempt. This time around I decided to marry two favorites. I went for my normal dubbel recipe but added a German twist since I’m a fan of some hef twists I’ve done. Swapped out the yeast for a Bavarian yeast (3056) and added a tbsp of coriander. I usually add a touch of coriander to my hefs.

As always, I must be enjoying some beers and cigars while brewing.

My issue in the past has always been problems when I go to chill. From leaks to battery failures. It’s always the only frustrating part of the process. This time I doubled up on the security and it went off without a hitch.

It did come in a bit in the lighter side with an OG of 1.5, but I’m ok with that.

Will report back in 2 weeks.


Grain: Belgian cara and Belgian special b. .5 lbs total
Hops: German trad. and hersbrucker 1 oz each
Golden malt syrup 6 lbs
Dark Belgian candy sugar 1 lb
Coriander 1 tsp
3056 Yeast

I’ll call this a Bavarian Dubbel. Smile
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