Transferred to secondary today. Took a reading and it came in at 1.01. So, that's about 5.75%. Took a taste too and it's delicious.

Edit: Oh, and I saved some trub to make beer bread at a later day. Hungry
Last update on April 9, 3:48 pm by SoCalOCMatt.
FG ended up being 1.009. So, this one comes in right around 5.9%. Bottled a couple weeks ago and had a sample tonight. I'm quite pleased with it.
Washed the yeast from the Belgian Pale Ale and now feeding it into a beer bread starter.

I should have the first batch of beer bread ready at the herf.
Transferred my first DIPA to secondary today. Doing a 1 gallon test batch. Thinking I might cold crash, filter, and then freeze distill for shits and giggles. Maybe I just won't screw with it and see how it turns out.

Last update on September 18, 4:31 pm by SoCalOCMatt.
Well, one gallon turned into 4 big test bottles.
OG: 1.08
FG: 1.012

What hops did you use?
Justin said...

What hops did you use?

Columbus, Centennial, Amarillo, Simcoe
Justin said...

What hops did you use?

Pretty sure this is what he used...
Coffee-because it’s cheaper than anger management.

Scottish Ale yeast has been having yeast sects for the last few days. Time for another brew day! Going for a Vanilla Bourbon Oak Porter. Gonna make this a yearly thing for sure. Last year's cane out tasty. Gonna change a couple things for this batch.
My current situation.

And I picked these up a couple days ago.
Those kegs are sexy. Mine look like they rolled down a mountain.

Do you have the kegerator ready to go?
Justin said...

Those kegs are sexy. Mine look like they rolled down a mountain.

Do you have the kegerator ready to go?

Nope. But I will either get one or transform the outside fridge.
Transfered this years Vanilla Bourbon Oak Porter. Used a whole Madagascar Vanilla bean with Old Rip Van Winkle. OG was 1.073 and its steady at 1.022 when I transferred. Added the oak chips and vanilla bean thats been soaking in the bourbon for 4 days into the secondary. Gonna let it rest for 2 weeks until I bottle. Then, let the bottles rest for a year.

Belgian Dubbel brewed last night.

It's bubbling pretty good now. OG is 1.066.
Brew stopped at 1.011 which isn't bad. Tried to cold crash in the freezer. I now have a 5 gallon beersicle. LOL
I'm pretty sure it'll still turn out good.
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