It's been a while since we've given any update on the Cigars For Troops. As of today, we are now depleted of cigars to donate.

We do rarely receive requests anymore. When we do, it usually comes in waves of a few messages from our Facebook group.

Well, we receive three requests this week. I'll be able to take care of one of those requests. I'm thinking of grabbing some stock off of CBid to take care of the other two.

I'm leaning towards closing this up afterward. It seems like as time has passed, the need has become less and less. But I don't want to make this decision on my own and this has always been a group effort. So, I'm open to carrying it on if others think that we should.
I have to agree, my stock has been empty for a few years now and the forums are pretty much dead from regular activity.

Matt, please shoot me a text and I’ll drum up some stock for the other requests, can handle shipping one or two out as well.

I accepted a promotion at work recently so I’m pretty slammed but always have my phone with me.
Matt, hit me up with your needs and I will go through my stock as well.
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Yeah not sure stogie friends has the traffic for this anymore. Some still check in from time to time but no like the old days
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