This is a gorgeous looking cigar. It features one of my favorite wrappers...the Ecuadorian Habano. There is a heavy oil sheen on this cigar that really makes the dark wrapper pop! This beautiful wrapper emits fragrances of wet hay and chocolate. These same aromas carry to the foot. As you look at the solidly packed foot, you can see the Nicaragua and Peru long filler tobaccos snuggling against the firm Ecuador binding! The band on this cigar reminds me of a nice painting or exquisite rug you might find at an oasis in the Arabian desert. And with that imagery, we double punch the 6" X 60 cigar and light up to start our exciting journey!

We take the first few puffs of our adventure and discover pleasant Tobacco, Cocoa and Toast flavors. The wrapper leaves an oil slick on your lips, but the smoke is parchingly dry. This oily yet dry combination creates a mirage like experience as we head to the oasis. The smoke that comes off the cigar is very aromatic and it actually smells exactly like the flavors we are picking up. We enjoy this flavor profile and began picking up a mild sweetness in the background. It reminds me of...yes, there it is...Caramel. There is less smoke output than most Gordo's have, but that doesn't mean there still isn't plenty. I guillotine cut the cigar as I begin to have issues about an inch into this third. One side is burning much faster than the other, by about an inch! Jim's cigar has a razor sharp burn and he is not having to give his cigar any touch ups. I tap off the ash and see something suspicious looking. I decide to wait and smoke some more to see if my suspicions are confirmed. The flavors hold strong through the first third of the journey and into the second.

An interesting thing happens at the beginning of the second third. The full bodied cigar drops to a medium body. This body now matches the medium strength. The smoke is no longer parching and although it isn't oily, it leaves no discomfort on our tongues.

After three touch ups, I hit the half way point, well before Jim. My suspicions are confirmed at this point that my cigar has a tunnel going through it. This is the cause of my burn issues. Jim is not having any issues with his and is still enjoying a razor sharp burn. The silver lining with reaching the halfway point before Jim is that I get to experience the black Cherry flavor that explodes into the cigar before he does! Wow, that is good.

I hit the final third when Jim hits the halfway mark. Praise God! I knock off the ash and see the tunnel in my cigar has closed! I let my cigar sit for about 10 minutes while Jim catches up. Now, the tunnel aside, the construction on these cigars are so solid, that after a 10 minute rest I pick up the stick, take a puff and am rewarded with tons of billowy smoke! The cigar's cheery is solid and requires ZERO babysitting!

The strength picks up now in the final third and is at a solid full. The body is still a medium. The profile is now a oak and leather. These flavors grow stronger as we near the end of the stick and the smoke heats up. Almond also joins us as we end our journey at an hour and 45 minutes.

I can honestly say that this was an unique experience in a cigar and we look forward to trying some of the other cigars MBombay has to offer. We greatly appreciate Bombay Tobak for sending this cigar in for us to review.
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