This is one of the legendary Dunhill blends that has been unavailable for years and, according to some sources, was only available at the Dunhill store in London. I would swear that I have seen tins for sale in the States,long ago, but I don't remember.

I smoked my first bowl of this yesterday, in my big Tinsky billiard, riding up to Flint on a run to Paul's Pipe Shop. This is a very pleasant blend indeed. On the lighter side - people who want to be hit over the head with latakia are not going to care for this at all. The lat is present, with some very high quality Virginia leaf, giving a very smooth smoke. There's sweetness, but the kind you get from Virginias. I would say there's no cavendish, and no Oriental leaf except the latakia. It struck me as a blend that could go very nicely for the first pipe of the day. If the rest of this tin goes as well as the first bowl, I will be buying more.
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It is nice to see more Lat blends coming round that aren't smoke bombs, so to speak. Latakia should be seasoning, not the base.
  • November 22, 2015
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I'm with you - I like to have a variety. I do smoke a lat bomb now and again, but it's too easy for those to become one dimensional.
  • November 23, 2015
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