The April 2015 TotM was MacBaren HH Acadian Perique. Until recently, this only came in 100g tins, so that is what I had bought a couple of months ago and opened it for this review.

I have to mention the tin note. When I first opened the new tin, I was hit with an intense aroma of dried fruit. It was one of the most wonderful smelling tins I have ever opened. This has faded now that the tin has been open a while, but it still is special.

The tobacco is in a ribbon cut and packed tight in the tin. It is a little wet and needs a few minutes drying time before smoking unlike the other HH series I've smoked (Latakia Flake, Old Dark Fired, Vintage Syrian).

The flavor of this beast is a bit of a chameleon. There's a good solid mature Virginia base that doesn't really provide any sweetness but has a modest Virginia flavor. There is some burley, Oriental and Kentucky sprinkled in this blend along with the Perique. These different condiments rise up from time to time to contribute their normal flavors making this a more complex blend than most.

My biggest disappointment with this blend is actually the Perique. There's just not enough of it to provide much flavor. They could easily double the amount of Perique and it still wouldn't be overly present.

All in all, this is another high quality blend from MacBaren, fitting for the HH series. If you like mild Va/Per blends without a sweeter Virginia, like Peterson Irish Oak, Esoterica Tilbury or Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture, this blend is going to be right up your alley. I actually like it better than any of those three. I'll stock a couple of tins of this away and see how it ages.
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Nice to see I wasn't nuts when I didn't get either Perique or DFK in this one. It is good, but not what I was expecting. Only difference is that my tin was well-sealed, but just on the side of hydrated from dry. Even so, it gurgled a bit when pressed.
  • April 25, 2015
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