This is a review of the Tatuaje Fausto that Paul Patel sent me.

I believe this one was the Short Churchill (6.5"x48)

Wrapper: Habano Maduro
Origin: Nicaragua
Binder & Filler: Nicaraguan

The following is the description of the cigar from CI.

"Introducing Fausto (meaning 'splendor'), a daring new blend from Tatuaje. Heed my warning, the Fausto is not intended for the faint. Greeting you from the outside is an Ecuadorian Habano Maduro that shines with ample oils. Beneath this dark leaf, a hearty combination of Nicaraguan long-fillers and Nicaraguan binder awaits. Upon taking flame to foot, notes of pepper, earth and leather rush to the palate. As the burn progresses, expect additional notes of oak, espresso, and rich tobacco as a slightly peppery flavor enters the fray. A smooth, dark, and powerful cigar, the Fausto makes the perfect accompaniment to a large meal."

I've actually tried a Fausto before so it was interesting to see how the experience differs.

This cigar seems to be well constructed as to be expected from Tatuaje.

Right up front, I was greeted with a blast of pepper and a strong wood taste was present as well.

It burned really well, no issues with construction or burn the entire time.

The ash was fairly loose and flaky.

A little bit more into it, the wood finally lets up and gives way to a slightly sweet espresso like flavor with pepper still dominating.

I would say the boldness of the flavors lighten up the more I smoke it.

Smoke output was decent but not overwhelming.

I retro-haled a little bit and it felt like soda squirting out my nose. LOL

Getting into the last 1/3rd of the cigar, I would say the pepper has intermingled with an earthy flavor.

The slightly sweet espresso flavor is still there and balancing this cigar nicely.

The more I smoke this cigar, the better it is tasting.

Towards the middle of the last 1/3rd, I am actually starting to enjoy this cigar quite a bit.

The strength is listed as full which I would probably agree with.

I consider myself to be a Nicotine junky and it takes quite a strong cigar to even give me a buzz.

This one started to give me a little buzz towards the end so that was fun.

I actually smoked a Fausto about a year ago and didn't really care for it but I am certainly glad I was able to revisit this one. (Thanks Paul)

Would I smoke this one again?

I'm not sure if I would go out of my way to find it but yes, I would smoke another if I had one.
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I had a robusto about 6 months back and it was rather boring to me. I was wanting more especially after a recent 10th anniversary belle encore reserva. Good review.
  • April 16, 2015
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