This review is of the San Lotano Connecticut that Paul Patel Kindly sent me.

This is the Toro which is (6.0"x52)

Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut
Filler: Nicaraguan

The following is the description of the cigar from CI.

"Known mainly for medium to full-bodied gems, AJ Fernandez delivers a refreshing change with his new San Lotano Connecticut. Mild-medium bodied, but brimming with ample flavor and complexity, this San Lotano is elegant, refined, and highly enjoyable. Bursting from within lie premium, well-aged Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers, all hugged by a rich Honduran binder. To finish the ensemble, San Lotano Connecticut is draped in a velvety Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper. The end result is a flavorful and smooth experience that you'll enjoy any time of day. Expect notes of cream, nuts, wood, and buttery-smooth finish. Have one for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or, take my advice and smoke 'em all day long - you won’t be disappointed."

Construction seemed on par with many of AJ's cigars, maybe not quite as well constructed as some of his others.

This cigar was a bit spongy, wasn't very firm.

I wished I would of used a punch on this one instead of a guillotine cutter because the draw on this cigar was extremely loose.

The wrapper was fairly thin on this cigar and I DID have a few construction issues with this cigar towards the end.

Upon light up, I was greeted with notes of wood and hay which lasted for about the first 1/3rd of the cigar.

This cigar got harsh on me often because of the loose draw but a purge now and then helped out.

There was quite a bit of smoke output by this cigar.

After about the first 1/3rd, I started to get a few feint notes of sweetness that I couldn't quite place.

Reading CI's description, it says cream and nutty flavor which I think nails down the sweetness I was getting.

The sweetness was pleasant and much needed for a cigar with a woodsy flavor profile IMOP.

Towards the end, when it wasn't harsh, nutty was the main flavor with cream in the background. The woodsy flavor was there but very mild.

They said this cigar was mild - medium but I would place it at light - mild at best.

The cigar burned well the whole time basically but the wrapper did start to swell and break towards the end.

At the last 1/3rd, the cigar was really spongy, mushy, harsh and falling apart so I didn't get to smoke the last couple of inches.

The flavor profile was basically the same throughout the whole cigar with no major flavor transitions.

I do like a handful of AJ's stuff but not all of it and this wasn't one that I would care to smoke again.

Thanks Paul!
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