I love Maduro and darker cigars generally, So I was pretty excited to
try this cigar.

Appears to be 5.5" long and 42 Ga. or so. Darker wrapper, Maduro?

Smells of manure and a lite cocoa smell is present also........

A couple small veins in the wrapper whith what appears to be a single cap?

The draw seems good and the taste is of hay and it has a lingering cardboard aftertaste.

First 1/3rd

What little smoke there is has a very nice aroma to it.

The first few puffs once it was lit was a creamy, velvety chocolate taste. It wasn't real strong which disappointed me. Seems to burn pretty sharp.

The ash held on for about an inch before it fell off.

It kind of reminds me of a Diesel minus the toasted marshmallow flavor. Maybe an espresso like taste.

None of these flavors have a strong presence at all.


The cigar has started to go downhill in taste starting in the 2/3rd.

I am now pretty strong cardboard taste. I had pretty high hopes for this cigar because of the darker wrapper but these are not the flavors I am expecting from a darker stick.

The cardboard hangs on untill the end of the 2/3rd.

The last third.

The flavors are now cardboard and a burnt wood. I have decided that the first inch of this cigar has enjoyable but everything after that has put me off.

I have to say that I have had way better smokes that were bought here in the states for around the $3.00 range. This cigar was just a let down in the flavor department IMOP.

After the first few draws on this cigar I had thought this might develope into a good cigar with some nice chocolate flavors but it failed to deliver.

I am going to give this cigar a 5/10.