I've really been enjoying the cigars put out by LFD here as of late. In fact, I like them so much that LFD is a contender for my favorite brand.

I wasn't planning on doing a review of this cigar but I wanted to say a few things about it at least.

I smoked it on a VERY windy day and I was a bit upset that I picked such a good cigar because the wind really gave me grief and took away from the overall experience.


Below is some info from websites about this cigar.

This year's TAA release from La Flor is the Double Press Maduro. The cigar features the same creative double-sided, box press packaging and Dominican interior blend from their farm in La Canella as the Natural Double Press. The big difference is the addition of a dark, rich Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The LFD TAA Double Press Maduro measures 6" x 52, comes expertly pressed in boxes of 20, and will only be found at participating TAA tobacconists.

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro(2012)
Wrapper: CT Broadleaf(2013)
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium to Full Bodied

This is a box pressed cigar and I must say that it is one of the best box pressed cigars that I have ever.
It is a true rectangle shape..........they should call them rectangle pressed!

The wrapper was nice and dark with a NICE oily sheen to it, really attractive.

pictures don't do this cigar justice!

Construction is great as is expected from a big name company.

I used a punch to cut this cigar and the draw was a bit tighter than I like but not plugged by any means.
I feel that if I would have used an actual cutter, the draw would have been great.

Now on to the amazing flavors.

Every once in a while, you get a cigar that makes your briefly raise your eyebrow in amazement.

This was one of them.

I will try to describe what I tasted here but I had a hard time putting words to this cigar.

It took me a bit to distinguish what I was tasting but I think I might have it figured out.
A while back, I did a review of the Padron 1964 maduro that to me........wasn't very balanced, boring and underwhelming to me.

This LFD, had the bold flavor profile of that Padron 1964 maduro BUT.....................It was balanced.

It had that sweetness there to offset the boldness.

It wasn't the typical chocolaty or brown sugar sweetness I usually get from maduro cigars.


Up front and center was a nice molasses flavor.

This cigar was nicely balanced in the flavor department with a different sort of sweetness present.
This cigar really amazed me and moved LFD up in my ranks.

I give this cigar a 10/10 and I WILL be buying more of these...........if I can find them.