This is a little information about the cigar from the company.

"Havana Sunrise Reserve is our nod to the old traditions of yesterday. Havana Sunrise Reserve Cigars is a medium to full body line introduced in 5 vitolas. HSR are produced with carefully blended tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua and Indonesia. HSR Cigars range from a corona size Ray of 44 x 5 ½ to a Beacon at 56 x 6 ½ Toro. All Havana Sunrise Reserve come in boxes of 30 box pressed cigars."

Country - Nicaragua
Body - Medium
Wrapper - Habano Criollo 98
Binder - Indonesian
Filler - Nicaragua, Honduras
Type - Box Pressed

Construction seems good to me. It has a nice firm feel with a triple cap and no big veins running through the wrapper.

I find the band VERY appealing on this cigar in particular.

I used a punch to cut and matches to light her up.

The draw of the cigar was perfect to me.

On the first puff, I was immediately hit with a VERY strong cedar flavor. This cigar is a very BOLD cigar with strong flavors.

As I puffed on, I concentrated on what other flavors I could pick up.

I also got some earth, leather, tobacco and tea flavors from this cigar.

This cigar was pretty consistent in flavor from start to finish.

The cigar seemed to burn pretty well for me.

The smoke was a nice pleasant smell, kind of a bold smelling smoke as well.

Here towards the end, the boldness of the flavors were starting to smooth out a bit and it became more enjoyable for me.

Towards the end, I was able to pick up some sweeter notes that kind of reminded me of a raisin or maybe molasses but those flavors only came and went a few times.

Strength of the cigar was light to me.

The cigar was a bit different than anything I've had before. I've never tasted cedar so strong in a cigar.

I didn't care to much for the almost overly bold notes of cedar.

I think if the cigar had notes of sweetness the whole way through to balance it a little better it would be a pretty damn good cigar.

I enjoy bold flavored cigars but I like them to be balanced with notes of sweetness the whole way through.

This cigar isn't a cigar I would normally smoke but I am going to rate the cigar for what it is and not what I like.

I honestly think if this cigar was balanced a bit more, it would be pretty darn good.

I give this cigar a 7 out of 10.