This stick appears to be a box pressed cigar and it had a rut on the first 1/3rd of the stick like something heavy was laid across it. Maby this is where a band was???

The wrapper is lite and had the texture of paper. The stick doesn't seem to give off to much smell prior to being lit. A few small veins in the wrapper and a double cap?

The stick had a good draw prior to being lit. There was only one thing that came to mind when I took a pre-light draw. The taste of chlorine in swimming pools came to mind immediately.

First 1/3rd

I usually have to really think about it if I can taste caramel in a cigar or not. Not with this one. This one had a very deep rich caramel taste on the first draw, almost like sticking a spoon of caramel in my mouth!
The smoke aroma was nice too, it was a deep rich tobacco/aftershave smell. This thing is burning razor sharp too.


The taste of caramel is still present but not as sweet. Now a cedar flavor is becoming dominant. Still burning very well. Not to much to touch on in the 2/3rd. Draw remains good and I'm just enjoying this cigar.

Last 3rd

The caramel was gone and it was just a nice cedar taste now. The burn had to be touched up once or twice on the last third, draw was still good.
I smoked it down to about half of what is pictured above and then gave up as it was just harsh.

------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------
I REALLY enjoyed this cigar! I liked everything about it from the draw, aroma, taste, burn, burn time.
I'm more of a maduro kind of guy but I wouldn't mind finding more of these if possible. This cigar really caught me off guard.