It's about 5-3/4 long and is about a 36 Ga. cigar. The construction of it is very soft and mushy with a single cap. There are some large veins in the wrapper and overall, this cigar looks pretty rough.

My first impression of this cigar after inspecting the construction of the cigar is that this cigar must be a cheaper value cigar.

I found the draw to be pretty tight on this cigar. The flavor on the other hand was awesome.

I'm not gonna take the time to break this cigar down into thirds as it basically retained it's flavor through out the entire cigar.

The burn was OK for the most part but I did have to touch it up a few times as the large veins in the wrapper seemed to keep it from burning real well.
There was very little to no smoke.

The flavor was AWESOME. The flavor was a very nice sweet cream-grassy flavor. I was really digging the flavor of this one.

I did retrohale with this cigar and based on the retrohale, I took an educated guess that this is a CC because my nose was not on fire afterwords. This was a really smooth cigar.

I truly enjoyed the flavor of this cigar down to about the last inch or so and then it started getting a bit harsh. I had been wondering if short filler was used in this cigar based on the construction. I did a little dissection with the nub and found short filler indeed.

I feel that the conception I have gathered from my time here is that short filler is for cheaply made cigars. That may well be but 2 of the 3 cigars that I have really enjoyed flavor wise have had short filler.

To me short filler only means one thing which is the second thing I feel that I have learned. It means a tighter draw to me. Both of the short filler cigars I have enjoyed have both had a pretty tight draw which makes sense to me once I stop and think about why that would be so.

I give this cigar an 8/10 based on the draw issues. If it would have been a bit easier on the draw, I would have rated it between a 9 & 10.