Lives in Mo' town, West Virginia United States · Born on February 17
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February 17
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May 27, 2016
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January 5, 2013
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Other Interests/Hobbies:
outdoors, shooting sports
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Party short
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Favorite Cigars:
DIRTY RAT! (forgot how much I love them),Surrogates (except crystal baller and animal cracker), All Viaje, Fuente Anejo, Anything tatuaje, Ramon Bueso Genesis, Room 101 Daruma lancero, MF Bijou, Cain F lancero, LFD Double Lijero, LFD Colorado Oscuro, Undercrown, AJ Blends, La Duena, MUWAT (baitfish and +11) I love lanceros, petit lances, coronas and petit coronas, 58 ring gauge being about my top end but 42-48 is my sweet spot. Seem to be liking Monte and Boli the best when it comes to CC (still pretty new). Really liking small RG opus X lately, esp petit lancero.
My Wish List:
whatever these caldwell things are, LFD Meaner Digger, lfd chapter one. Aged opus. Any of the new tat/surrogates petit corona 5 packs. Cain FF, Any new cigar with san andreas wrapper. Lito Gomez. KFC Piggie. Any (new) lancero/petit lancero you think is worth trying, Nub Dub, Viaje Supershots, Tat Black. Any tats. Tat lanceros. Any viaje.

CC lanceros ,Monte A, Monte Edmundo, Parti Lusi, Behike, Aged Sir Winnie.

Holy Grail: Opus X Culebra or Undercrown Manifesto

Nikka Taketsuru 12 pure malt
I Enjoy Adult Beverages:
Favorite Drink:
Bourbon. Scotch (partial to Islay). Beer: Wheats/Sours. Love High Sierra Distilling. Champagne