So...I am a huge college football fan. BOOMER SOONER! I am looking forward to watching my boys make it to the BCS Championship bowl...As long as the "committee" doesn't do any monkey business.

I am looking through all the different ticket agencies online to see about getting some tickets to the Championship game in advance with faith that Oklahoma will make it. I have not done much ticket buying before, so I figured I would see if anyone had any ideas about which sites are best for getting tickets, if there are ways of getting cheaper tickets than the $650 ones I am seeing online, or if Oklahoma did not make it to the game what the ability to resell a ticket would be.

I have only ever used stubhub once for a football game during the regular season. I had a good experience, but it was more of a want em, got em cheap situation.

Any impute/sharing of knowledge would be welcomed!
Stubhub now or you will pay dearly when they make it.
I tend to use SeatGeek as it usually gives you some decent insight into the location and the value for what people are asking. Not seeing anything nearly as low as $650, so it may not be much help.
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