The other day, I saw Ninja’s wife post about receiving a bad shipment of wax and not sure when they can make new candles. So I decided I best purchase a few of the candles she had left before I can’t get anymore as gifts. I opened up my package, not expecting a thing. I get a note saying “cheers G -Ninja”. I figured ok, Ninja is thanking me for helping out no biggieee. I proceed to unpack the candles and then BAM!! The bomb went off. Sneaky Ninja!!
All cigars I never heard of and I am looking forward to trying! Thank you Ninja! Love
I am not bad, I am just drawn that way. Now pass me that cigar and nobody gets hurt.
I am compact evil with a caramel center!! Evil with just a tad sweet core! Wink

Korean ninjas are sneaky
Jigga Who?
tupacboy said...

Korean ninjas are sneaky

They tend to smell like garlic, so not hard to notice.
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