shuckins said...

me needum zoom in...

I dont think foxes do zoom meetings
“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”

― Benjamin Franklin
Buck Zilla
Hunting Guide

Nice to see Zilla is still kicking.... been a minute.
Pink Pony said...

Hi, how are you space walker?

floating along my friend...

how's your world?

Wonder if covid put any dent into rons stash

i did find something nice...

So your bourbon stash has taken a hit

never had bourbon stash,just some i haven't drank
Reino said...

Nice to see Zilla is still kicking.... been a minute.

30 seconds in zilla
Bourbon is for dry shaving said zilla
Life is what you make of it... Because..
Its not bad really!!
i miss the days of nothing when memory was just a fad...
Flashbacks... but good ones.
1792 Flake was first produced in 1830, exactly 139 years before man walked on the moon. Coincidence?
ok,stop me if you have heard this before

i was slicing garlic when suddenly the phone rings. i gave it an answer but didn't recognize the voice that answered,so naturally i'm thinking bounty hunter,and play it cool. turns out it was my long time bean lovin' friend swany!

what a great surprise!!

and i mean't what i said when i said the thing,but didn't take notes...
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