A little while back I made a purchase of some Pipe Tobacco Stiks was letting go. I don't remember the details but I am sure that this is way way above and beyond what I purchased. This ended up more like a nuclear bomb!

Sorry about the glare on the mason jars and also the Pelican being upside down. All the baccy, and I mean premo baccy is from 2008 to 2013 with the Stonehaven being from 2014.

I don't smoke pipe tobacco but that seems to be 1+ years worth LOL
Good God, Stiks still has a little left in him. He found a.man who loves his pipes. Perfection.
When its time to relax, burn what you like.
Drool.... I mean, it probably has a bit of critter aftertaste coming from Sticks but DAYUMN!!!
Shippy brings the good times - HAS MAD FLAVA!!!

I do what I can, where I'm needed, and I ask for so little in return. I'm a true humanitarian fueled by rainbows and whiskey. You should be so lucky to know me...
Dayum! Lots of yum in there.
Looks like a little backwoods justice there.


Great minds think alike, and so do ours.
Damn, couldn't have happened to a better man!....... though I almost do wish that were me......almostLOL
Well i got my delays worth the wait Bob
I prefer peace but if war is to come let it come in my time so my children and grandchildren may know peace.

I fear no evil in the valley, cause I'm the meanest motherfucker in it!
Stiks said...

Well i got my delays worth the wait Bob


When you do finally ship...ThumbFaintR.I.P.
When its time to relax, burn what you like.
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