I'm thinking of digging out my retort for one or two of my pipes. I never managed to get a small bottle of ever clear, but I'm told that ((% spa will do the trick just fine. Opinion?

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I've never bothered with one, but wouldn't necessarily discourage it either. Depending on how cruddy the poor things are, it may be needed, but I've not been required to do any more than a few salt and alcohol bowl fills and a few alcohol soaked pipe cleaners (bristled first sitting for a few hours, softies second) through the airways. It may take a little more time, but pipe things usually do Smile

Also, I do use the high proof everclear, but prior to living in WA, I just used vodka. Many report bourbon or whisky work just fine as well.
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Depending on the temperature that your retort runs at, it might make a difference. If it is bringing the temp close to 172 degrees, the alcohol evaporates and you get kind of an alcohol steam cleaner thing going. More alcohol, more vapor. Lower alcohol, more liquid.

Personally, I would give it a shot. I use whiskey and grappa to clean my pipes. Both do a great job of cutting through even Latakia.
Stopped at a small liquor store last night for a bottle of Bourbon (Larceny) on the way home. They just happened to have small pints of ever clear. Smile It's California so it's likely a lower proof, but I'll go back without the wife and get one to try out. Smile

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If you a bent with a sump or you cant exercise a ghost its worth it. I think the one I have says put a wad of cotton in the bowl. Make sure you stuff a lot in there otherwise it can boil up and soak the cotton and get on the outside of the bowl.
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