For anyone interested PM me for contact info. I told him I'd post it up here as there is likely to be someone insane enough to be interested. Smile

As I understand it he's asking $1000 shipped to FFL of your choice.

Savage 10 FCP-K (7.62x51 NATO) .308
24" Heavy Fluted Barrel
Oversized Bolt Knobs
Free Floated Barrel
Muzzle Break
Box Magazine
Harris Folding BiPod 9-13" Spring Loaded
Top Rail for Scope Mount
Redfield Revenge 6-18x44 scope with varmint Accu-range Reticle


1" was cut off the stock and an upgraded butt pad installed. Both done by a gunsmith.
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Nice looking tack driver. I used to have one of those, savage rifles are the shit.
Shippy brings the good times - HAS MAD FLAVA!!!

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