Beer thawed just fine. Kegged this evening. Set the co2 to 20 psi. Ill bring it down to 9 psi in a few days and see how it goes.

In a side note. I sampled last winter's vanilla bourbon oak porter. It was very smooth compared to the prior year at the same age. The difference is aging in a keg vs bottles and using Old Rip Van Winkle this year and Woodford the year before. I'd imagine the flavor difference is because of the change in bourbon and the smoothness is due to the keg aging.

Last update on September 10, 6:14 pm by SoCalOCMatt.
At it again with a batch of one of my most favorite beers, the dunkle. Did this a couple years ago as my first lager attempt. Doing it again this year. Not gonna do the entire 120 days or whatever the traditional lager is. I'll probably keg toward the middle or end of Oct.

Enjoying a Sir Winnie and some Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest too.

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Don't know if you have read through any of these, but since you are in the style range, I thought I'd post it:

I know they have done a few of these now, and I find it one of their more interesting results.
It’s been about a year since my last brew attempt. This time around I decided to marry two favorites. I went for my normal dubbel recipe but added a German twist since I’m a fan of some hef twists I’ve done. Swapped out the yeast for a Bavarian yeast (3056) and added a tbsp of coriander. I usually add a touch of coriander to my hefs.

As always, I must be enjoying some beers and cigars while brewing.

My issue in the past has always been problems when I go to chill. From leaks to battery failures. It’s always the only frustrating part of the process. This time I doubled up on the security and it went off without a hitch.

It did come in a bit in the lighter side with an OG of 1.5, but I’m ok with that.

Will report back in 2 weeks.


Grain: Belgian cara and Belgian special b. .5 lbs total
Hops: German trad. and hersbrucker 1 oz each
Golden malt syrup 6 lbs
Dark Belgian candy sugar 1 lb
Coriander 1 tsp
3056 Yeast

I’ll call this a Bavarian Dubbel. Smile
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Well, I never checked in with that Dubbel but it was delicious!

I brewed this Dunkle a few weeks ago. It’s another favorite. It doesn’t get much better than a dunkle or Dubbel IMO.

Well, I gave the spent grains from the brew to a local bread maker and she hooked up a couple loaves.

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