What is a bomb?
The short and sweet of it is that a bomb is a gift. Often its a few cigars or some pipe tobacco. It is given freely from one person to another. The reasons can be vast and everyone who sends out a bomb does do for their own reasons. Often you will read about a mailbox being destroyed, a nice hit, or read about a bomb as it's a painful experience. No worries... we're joking around and having fun with it. That's the main point... it way to have FUN Wink.

How can I get a bomb?
First, add you name to the bombing rolodex. Other than that just hang out, make friends, contribute and it'll probably happen sooner or later. Asking for a bomb is considered low brow as it is often viewed as the same as asking someone to send you a gift or begging. Also, never send a bomb and expect to be bombed back. Remember it is a gift that is freely given with no expectation of reciprocation.

I wanna send a bomb, how to I go about doing so?
Send a message to me, Stogie Friends, with the who's address you'd like. If the name is in the rolodex and you have met the person's qualification (activity point level and days on the site) then you will receive a reply with their address. If you don't meet the qualifications them you will receive a reply as to why. Please don't send a bunch of requests because you haven't received a reply. I'm not always online and sometimes step away from the computer for a couple days.

What should I send? I don't think I have anything "good enough".
A gift is that. A gift. The thought of you taking the time to send a gift will put a smile on the receivers face. This isn't a contest as to how has or can send the best stuff.

I received a bomb. What now?
Enjoy it Smile. Most people will take pics and post a thread in the bomb forum. If you don't feel comfortable doing this then you should send a message to the person who sent it to thank them and let them know that the package was received.

Do I leave trader feedback for a bomb?
Nope. Trader feedback is for buying, selling, and trades.
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