Just a quick announcement regarding what is going on behind the scenes here. A team will be working on the site shortly on the following.

1. Broken image with biz pages.
2. Mobile responsive template: Some avatars block forum content.
3. Mobile responsive template: Pagination is partially covered. A couple of solutions will be looked at to determine which works best.
4. Mobile responsive template: Notification is received for messages and friend requests.

1. Remove Single Page View from notification. Users will be send to the post within the full thread.
2. Images uploaded to the forum will be full size. The CSS has already been added to adjust the image to fit into the width of the post.
3. Quoting a post will trigger a notification to the user being quoted. An email will not be sent, there will not be an option to receive an email notification.
4. Using the @ will not be limited to just those who are "friends" but to everyone. The exception will be that blocked users cannot call out each other.
5. Using the @ will be implemented into the forum.

This is it for now. There are some other customizations later but I wanted to have these in place first.

Now, there may be some down time or some time when things might go a bit out of whack. There is a dev version of the site but some of these will need to be done directly to the live version since there are a couple of setting on the dev version that must be different from the live version.

If you have any other suggestions or feature requests, please post it at http://www.stogiefriends.com/forum/7/suggestions/ so that this thread can be somewhat clean.
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