I'm afraid I have no ingredients fer these here trays this weekend! Facepalm Depressed

...And the ingredients I do have! Facepalm I sure can't bring to the BBQ HERF!! Sorry

Cuz I'm sure as hell not bring'n the Flu! Depressed
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Semper Fi
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That stinks, I hope you shake the bug.
When its time to relax, burn what you like.
It's been kick'n me fer about a week now, just finished me antibiotics today, so we'll see how it goes till thursday before I totally opt out! Shrug
Semper Fi
What I don"t see there is the Scotch...When i start a coughing fit i start sipping softly on the scotch. Numbs the throat nicely.

Get better soon.
When its time to relax, burn what you like.
That sucks! Hope you get better soon.
Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
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The critter count is high and late this year. Lots of strep on my area, and the flu is still showing now and again. Be well, brother.
Cigar Fellas Sassy Owl aka Jessica

"This blessed gift of smoking!"
-- H.G. Wells
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Hope you getting to feelin' better soon, Bob!
"Sanity? What would I do with something as useless as that?”

My traderfeed back...

My cellar...
Thanks fer all the Get wells! Wave... I am feeling much better, although Still got the cough and make'n plenty of mucus! ...Don't know if'n I'm still contagious, but can't take the chance of spread'n it just in case! Sorry Depressed

Afraid I must opt out of the bbq this weekend and wish everyone a great time!

Look'n forward to the next one! Cheers
Semper Fi

Guess I'll have to mail the final strike
The Evil Hello Kitty
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