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Please post feedback for trades, splits, sales, etc. up here thanks.
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Great tobacco and lighter, perfectly shipped and worked with me in a bombing run on an englishman Smile. Thanks Tyler.
Several great transactions with Tyler!

Blind Man's Puff Reviewer
Quick and Easy to deal with. Great Guy.
Please leave your address after the beep..
Great guy and wouldn’t hesitate to deal with again any time. Thanks
always a good time playing with tyler!
Great trade with Tyler. Thanks again.
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Shipped very quickly, just have to be careful since he gets creative with "packing material".
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RIP Meagan 07/05/12. Best friend a man could ask for.

Silly lobster, bombing is for SQUIDS

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Great deal on a pipe rack. Thank you Tyler.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

My Trader Feedback
Thanks for the winnings from the weekly drawing...great sticks!
Smurfin' me some TWANG.....and Smurfin' is gooooood!
Another smooth transaction and pleasure to deal with as always.
Split some boxes and everything arrived in good order. Thanks again.
Great deal on Pipe Baccy and fast shipment. Thanks
shipped quick, in great condition
bought a box a while back. Shipped fast, no issues. Sorry for the delayed fb!
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