A widget is a small program or subprogram. We use them on a few different areas of the site and more specifically for Business, Charity, and Group listings. They are used to create custom pages or blocks of information.

When you, the page admin/creator, click 'Manage' from your page's wall you will be take to the admin area of your page where you can make various changes. Here is a brief 'How To' for the last menu option 'Widgets'.

To get started creating a widget, click the "Widget' link and then 'Create a Widget'.

First, name your widget. Any name will work and will be the title of your widget.

Your widget can be either an additional menu option or a block (chunk of info) on your page. You will need to select which one your widget will be. Under 'Is a block?' you have the option of 'Yes', or 'No'.

If you select 'No':
Your widget will become a menu item. The link will appear under the Videos link on your page. You will need to give a menu title. This will be what the menu link says. Something like 'Cigar Brands' or 'Accessories' will add a menu with that wording. Next, add a custom page name. You can only use letters, numbers, and dashes. The page name must be unique. So, you can only use the same page name once. Finally, enter the information you would like to display on your custom page in the 'Content' area. When you are finished, click 'Submit'. You're done!

If you select 'Yes':
Your widget will be a block of information that will show up above your page's shoutbox. The most common use of a block is for a business to add an address, phone number, or URL. First, make sure that the title is what you want it to be. This will show as the title of your information block. Something like 'Locations', 'Announcements', or 'Website' will add that as the title above your information block. Finally, enter whatever information you would like in the 'Content' area. When you are finished, click 'Submit'. You're done!
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