Smoke Inn Cigars Boynton Beach - Casa de Monte Cristo
1030 Gateway Blvd.
Boynton Beach FL, 33426
(561) 721-2383

Smoke Inn shops are all over south Florida and this is their flagship shop and lounge. Beautiful lounge, with lots of space to stretch out and get comfortable. Full bar with great selection of scotches, bourbons and beers. They also have outdoor lounge space with couches and lounge chairs when weather permits. Cigar prices are fair, but drinks are a little pricey. The main humidor is huge and well stocked and for the most part the staff is very knowledgable. It probably has one of the best ventilation systems I've experienced in a lounge. I've never walked out of there smelling like a dirty ashtray which I get at other places. Abe, the owner is usually there and very knowledgable about the industry. He outspoken, but knows his stuff and is fun to chat with. Also, if you have the money to spend they have a separate humidor with pre-embargo Cubans and pre-Castro Cuban Rum selection. I never asked prices on those, but it's pretty cool to walk in there and have them explain what's there.
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