Creating a Business, Charity, or Page

Important: There is one vital difference between a business/charity and a group page. A group page is given an extra option, "Page Registration Method". This allows you to create a private (approval required or invite only) group. When used in conjunction with "Page Privacy" you can create a hidden group that is invite only.

To create a free business or group page you will first was to log in to your personal Stogie Friends account. Once logged in:

  • Click the top menu option "Businesses".
  • Click "Create a Page" located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select Business, Charity, or Groups by clicking on the appropriate box.
  • Select from the drop-down menu the subcategory that best fits your business or group.
  • Enter a name for the business or group.
  • Click submit.

That is the basics of setting up a business, charity, or group page.

Adding Additional Page Information

After you click submit you will be given a series of options with tabs for further details. You can always return back to this setup/edit page when viewing your page by clicking the arrow next to "Actions" located just under your company's title and information. Then select "Manage".

If you are listing a business the tabs and options you will see are:
Category: The main category and subcategory listing
Name: The name of your company
Landing Page: When someone visits your page, what do you want them to see first?

A text box is shown where you can add the basic information about your company. Contact information, address, and website can all be listed here.

A file box where you can upload a photo for you business (logo, location pic, etc).

A list of controls for your page. You can limit who can view your page, view specific areas of your page, or add/edit/share any specific area of your page. If you are creating a group that you want to be invite only or want to approve members first, use the "Page Registration Method" option. This option is only available with groups (not business or charity listings).

You can invite members of Stogie Friends to join/like your page by clicking the checkbox next to their name and then clicking the "Send Invitation" button.

Each business listing/group page is given its own unique URL so that it is easy for you to share your Stogie Friends page outside of Stogie Friends. In the text box enter your custom URL. You can only use numbers, letters, and a hyphen ('-') in your custom URL. Once entered, click "Check URL". If you URL has not been taken yet then you will notified that you page have been updated. If you URL has already been taken you will be notified and you will need to enter a different URL.

You can select Stogie Friends members, other than yourself, to be an admin for your page. Start to type their name and click on the Stogie Friend member you would like to add as a page admin. Click "Update" when finished.

More information on using widgets can be found at
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