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gahdzila said...

I just got these, but I really like them so far!

If the link expires, just search eBay for the seller's name - roxndave.

It works like and is about the same size as the acrylic one from mrsnuff. It's made from machined aluminum, and it just oozes quality. It's listed as $12.99 with free shipping, but he has the "make offer" option - I offered $16 for two of them, he countered with $20 for two of them (still with free shipping), and I took it. The end cap is knurled (easy to grip), and it feels like it seals up really tight. The tip is sized great, and seals against my nostril well when using. The dial (also knurled) to set the dose is recessed - a plus in that it slides down in a pocket nicely and won't snag, but it would be easier to use if the dial was raised just a hair off the surface (a very minor quibble, really). I've only had them a couple of days, but I am 100% satisfied so far.

I'll report back after I've used them some more.

I found you gotta be careful with those. you can put a nostril out if you put something too fine in one of those. Kinda like that Uma Thurman overdose scene from Pulp Fiction.

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