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Thread: Bullets
I really really like the idea of snuffing with a bullet (clean, no mess, discreet for using in public). Unfortunately, I've not had much luck so far.

I've tried mistersnuff's acrylic bullet ( ) and metal bullet ( ).

The metal bullet looks and feels nice. It is very small - it fits nicely in any pocket. It is very small - it doesn't hold very much. Functionally, I don't like the shape of the tip, as it doesn't seal against my nose at I usually end up sniffing too hard just to get *anything* to come out of it, and end up overshooting. I have taken to just using this one to tap a dose onto the back of my hand, rather than using it as an actual bullet.

The acrylic one works better as a functional bullet....once I got it to work, that is. The knob was so tight that it wouldn't turn when I first got it, and I had to work on it a bit to get it functional. Once I got it working, I liked it a lot. Larger, so it holds plenty for a couple of days for me. But after two months of use, it cracked and fell apart. Not a big deal - it was only $4, and I carried it in my pocket at work almost daily, so it was bound to break eventually.

Has anyone tried the glass bottomed one or the plastic bottomed one ? They look to be shaped slightly differently.

I'm also considering the Posh $19 seems a bit pricey, but it would be worth it if it really does work better and last longer than the cheapies. Has anyone here tried one?
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