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It is unfortunate that the roxndave eBay bullets are no longer available. I've tried out a few more, and they are still my favorite by far.

The mistersnuff acrylic works great. It's cheap enough that it can almost be considered disposable. Which is good, as it isn't very durable at all. My first one lasted maybe a couple of months...hopefully this one will last a bit longer. This small metal one, IMO, sucks. The capacity is quite small, and the flat top and small diameter means it doesn't seal against the nostril. I still keep it around, but I can only use it as a tapbox. These are a bit nicer. They are a similar design to my eBay ones, but a cheaper design. The eBay ones are obviously machined, these I assume are pressed or cast or something (I'm not an expert on such things....suffice it to say, they are both aluminum but the eBay one is obviously a much higher quality), and the walls are thinner. Nonetheless, it works like a champ and I recommend it. The only drawback is it seems to me to have a wide open draw and a large-ish dose, so I have to kinda watch myself with it.

I also bought a Posh, just like Chris's pictured above, except mine is blue. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan. It seems to me to deliver a very small dose compared to all the other bullets I've tried (though it seems to do better with fine dry snuff. maybe I'll try Dholokia White next!). It's a bit bulky, and the capacity doesn't seem particularly large to me. The tip is too pointy for my tastes. Refilling it is a royal pain in the neck, requiring a screwdriver and a lot of finesse to get the snuff down in there where it's supposed to go without making a mess. The action and mechanism is kinda neat, but that doesn't make up for its shortcomings. I probably would shrug it off if it were cheaper, but I'm quite disappointed at this price point. I haven't used it all that much yet...maybe I'll like it a bit better with more experience with it.
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