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Well hello my dearies,

To those that are not aware, I have (co)started my own company, Pod Cafe. We are offering healthy food that doesn't taste like shit. We can vherf some time and talk about what we're trying to do.

Anyways, one of the things we offer is a private blend of coffee we call "Super Human. Super Blend". We don't roast them ourselves, and are lucky to have a great roast house to help us creating it. Here's the description - Rich, smooth, and delicious. This locally-roasted blend offers a versatile balance that tastes incredible in any espresso-based drink, especially those including milk, or as a drip coffee. A recipe combines South American and Indonesian coffees roasted to a medium-dark level. Find sweet and syrupy tastes, low acidity, and a lingering aftertaste. Tasting notes: Full bodied, sweet, syrupy.

I wanted to gauge everyone's interest in giving it a go. It will be $11 for a 12oz bag. + shipping ( I will update once I go to the post office). Bags are pre-sealed as whole bean. If you want it ground up let me know (coarse or fine), understanding I would have to break the seal. I'll leave this open for a week, until 6/13

0 - Name - qnty - whole/ground
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