Just trying to clear out my pipe rack. These are all project pipes that I never got around to cleaning up. A few years ago I really got into refurbishing pipes and would buy huge lots and resell them. I have since moved on to other hobbies and just trying to get rid of what is left. I'm confident with time though they would all clean up nicely.

The random stems and pipes in the back do not match, though you may be able to make some work with some effort. All of the front pipes need to be refinished or repaired.

Wanting to sell everything for $35 shipped.

From left to right in the picture below:

(Purple looking one) - Berkshire Deluxe, 9760. I'm not sure if this is briar or some kind of hardwood. Needs restaining/refinishing. Has stinger.
(Metal and briar) - No name metal and briar pipe. Stem unscrews, briar unscrews. Needs to be refinished and polished. Could be a decent little smoker.
(Silver Band Black Stem) - Dasco, Aged American Briar, stem comes out fine, has stinger, needs to be polished up.
(Yellow stem) - Medico, Imported Briar, stem comes out. Charring on rim. Could be a nice little smoker.
(Fill marks) - Has fill marks, needs to be restained, stem is stuck and will not come out. Looks unsmoked though.
(Water marks tilted sideways) - Medico Imported Briar, Italy - looks unsmoked, has water spots, stem is stuck. Has some fills as well.
(Short stem) - Emporer, imported briar, hand finished, standard, needs to be refinished, unsmoked, has a weird ass screw in stem with metal rod inside the pipe.
(Light colored one) - No name imported briar, needs to be refinished, has stinger, stem comes out fine.
(Prince shaped pipe) - Yello-Bole, Burley, - this is not a briar pipe, it is brylon. Here's a burley pipe Reborn Pipes refinished: https://rebornpipes.com/tag/yello-bole-burley-pipe...

Speaking of the link above, that site has great tips on refurbishing pipes. I learned a lot from him. Another good site for identifying pipes after you get these: http://www.pipephil.eu/logos/en/index-en.html#them...

Back pipes without stems include:

Sterling hall by briarcraft, 68 - features a sterling silver band
Frank Medico - I think this one is hardwood? I'm not sure it is very light though
Grand Duke by Dr Grabow
Pufines? It is very worn so I can't tell if that is what it says

Stems are:

A yellow meerschaum stem
Two screw in stems with stingers
Frank medico stem (it fits on the one Frank Medico pipe but is loose, you could make it work though, might be original? I'm not sure)
Dr Grabow - This may in fact fit on the grand duke. It would be very tight so I didn't want to risk it
Grabow stem

"Get intimate!" - Bill Cardinal

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This is sold. Thanks everyone!
"Get intimate!" - Bill Cardinal

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