So wake up Saturday morning and there is a box on my steps, weird!

Return address says Rossi.......this should be interesting!

G decided it to take out everyone! Candy, cigars, Candle, socks, bracelets, penis.

Thank you for the thoughtful gift, it’s been a miserable end to the year and this was a pleasant surprise.
Fast forward a few hours, I come home and there is another box on my steps that wasn’t there this morning, what the duck?!

Return address Rosenthal, well we all know Bob is a glorious asshole.

Bands, a coffee sack to hide a body, beer, cigars, a sketch pad and more penis!

That you duckface, truly appreciate everything you sent. I still hate the both of you Love
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Great hit Ray hope you and your daughter enjoy it. What is that is that shaggy Solomon?
“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”

― Benjamin Franklin
Enjoy asshat..I hope the 10inch bbc makes you very happy. Lol
I am not bad, I am just drawn that way. Now pass me that cigar and nobody gets hurt.
I am compact evil with a caramel center!! Evil with just a tad sweet core! Wink

Well done!
Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
Truly awesome
Life is what you make of it... Because..
Its not bad really!!
I don’t like the feel of this right now...
Today a package shows up from Kevin, not sure why he still likes me, I’ve been a shitty friend lately!
But this box made me laugh a few times lmao!
Let’s see, we have a smoke, some candy, a hydration pack (which is perfect since I trust my dog now and we can go for short hikes in the trails, this pack is perfect) and then some beer to finish up the box, it’s been a loooooooong time since I had pipeworks!

Kevin, appreciate everything you sent, it means a lot that you clowns would do this. Wasn’t sure of the proper payback to any of you but I think I have an idea, more to come later in the week on that.
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Awesome job everyone.
Ok, payback or should I say “continue to Pay it Forward” time.

Local PD/FD is running another Toy Drive for the less than fortunate kids here in town, they personally deliver every present before Christmas to the kids.

Later tonight I’ll go shopping and make a nice donation in your names to the toy drive, I will post pictures of the toys purchased once done.

Thank you guys for your generosity and asshattery, it’s going to be a rough Christmas without Mom and Gramps around.

Uhhhh I assume the Amazon box today is part of whatever these clowns started! No name, no message, just a big ole fuck you amazon box!

Art set for the kid (will let her open it after basketball tonight) this thing looks pretty awesome! She will love it.
Slippers for me because well fuck it!
And a cigar/bourbon cup that’s going to make me InstagramBaller #1

Mr or Mrs anonymous, thank you, appreciate the generous gift, still don’t know why you asshats chose me. Thankful for having all of you as part of my life, one way or another.
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Muahhhaaaaaa I am so loving this!!
I am not bad, I am just drawn that way. Now pass me that cigar and nobody gets hurt.
I am compact evil with a caramel center!! Evil with just a tad sweet core! Wink

As promised, in retaliation for your generosity I have am paying it forward to some kids in need.

Donations will be dropped off tonight after work. Again, thank you guys for this, surely has brightened my week.

Gone for a couple of days and I miss all this. Very generous as always. Especially to someone as undeserving as Ray.

Very generous on Ray's part too but I know you love shopping for toys as much as kids like getting them.
All toys have been dropped off.

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