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I wanted to share with you guys about my experience with John Nelson at Johns WoodWorks. He has great customer service and I am extremely happy with my New Air CC 100 drawers. I didn’t like the cheap drawers that came with the unit so I ordered some from John with Bloodwood fronts. I ordered them at the beginning of May and received them in the mail this morning. John provides a weekly update on the status of your order. The quality of the drawers are top notch. I will be ordering more from John in the future.

Last update on June 9, 8:22 pm by Bloodwood87.
Looks great
Very nice!
Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
Sweet, thanks for sharing Daniel.
When its time to relax, burn what you like.
That setup looks a lot more fancy than my ice chests.
Pleasant aroma, rich full body, well aged...and the wine's not bad either.
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