Customs would be confused as hell to open that package. "Slow clap"
I love to see the generosity of this group. Mr Shuckins, very creative sir. Well done... Enjoy Daniel.
When its time to relax, burn what you like.
good times!
the steering wheel is from sir rollie walter's vessel.
who was sir rollie walter you ask?

sir rollie walter was the first known cigar chaser,and sailed to the new world over 100 years ago to do some trading.
travelling with him was his wife,mrs sir rollie walter. she was a candy maker,prostitute,and baseball fan. while sir rollie walter was trading in town,mrs sir rollie walter was trading with the natives. that's where the term indian head came from.

they ended up stranded in roanoke when their steering wheel went missing...
Awesome... A free history lesson thrown in for good measure!!!
Life is what you make of it... Because..
Its not bad really!!
I'm late in seeing the carnage. Holy wow. That is a beat down. Well done.
Damn that's nice, good to see the site still alive......
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