How long does it take for the beads to kick in and regulate the humidity in a humidor? I’ve recently switched from a cigar Oasis XL and some trays of kitty litter to about a pound and a half of 65% beads. Wanted a little better control during the winter months. I put the beads in my humi Sunday morning and the percentage is still hovering around 55-58%. Ive got the tubes/bags scattered throughout my humidor and it’s not really coming up to 65%. Would I be concerned? How long does I take to increase? Should I put some litter back into the humi or give it more time?

Thanks for the input
I usually give it at least a week to level out when putting new beads in. Others will chime in as well.
Sorry buddy, I am a strict Boveda man. Never ever an issue as long as I have had them. It has been years now with the same packs in my 42.bottle VinoTemp Humidor.
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