New to the forum, excited to expand one of my biggest vices! Thanks for the acceptance.
Welcome to the nut house. It is a tightly knit community here and we have a lot of fun in these parts. Enjoy.
Welcome to the forum Smile
I am not bad, I am just drawn that way. Now pass me that cigar and nobody gets hurt.
I am compact evil with a caramel center!! Evil with just a tad sweet core! Wink

Welcome, sir! Glad to see you've finally accepted my advice and joined the looney bin.

I've requested he make the prerequisite "CBid", "Cello On or Off" and "Mold or Plume" posts... please be sure to brow beat him appropriately, Dearest SF members.
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Welcome to StogieFriends!

A good time can be had here, especially if you join a weekend vherf. evil
I highly recommend a vherf with Anthony. He hits like a girliemahn so talk lots of smack. Oh Snap
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Have we touched tips before?
Welcome. Ponys tip is addorable. It looks like a little troll doll standing on it's head. Don't be afraid to touch it.
Thanks for the welcomes and warnings....As for pink pony....I may have to confess...I do believe I’ve put my lips on your petite corona. Facepalml
Wave Welcome
Donate Cigars For Troops at: Matt Post Troop Donations PO Box 433 Norco, CA 92860
Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
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