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As for humidification: I am looking for a solution that will be minimum maintenance but allow for safe and proper aging of cigars. I do not want to use an electric system so I am spending my building time doing research.

As for sealing: I attached pictures of the inside and doors. I have removed all the tin and insulation (loose cork behind 1/2 inch wood planks). I plan on lining the insides of the doors with Spanish Cedar veneer sheets then using planks to replace the tin panels. I will also just replace the seals that are on the doors.
For the box itself, I had no idea what had soaked into the oak frame so I sanded it as much as possible and then sprayed it with several coats of polyurethane spray (to seal humidity in and any toxins or weird stuff out). Next I placed cork sheets in the panels of the frame which evened out the interior and made a lining from blue foam moisture barrier. Today I am using silicone sealant caulk on the corners to fully seal the moisture barrier then I will use 1/16 inch pine veneer to line the inside. I have sprayed the back of the pine veneer with the polyurethane spray as well. I figured it would not be a bad idea to have a wood layer between the foam moisture barrier and the Spanish Cedar planks. It will be somewhat absorbent and should (in theory) allow as clean of an environment for the cedar as possible.

I am not sure if all of that was necessary or if it makes sense, but I am not worried about the project being sealed.

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