This is a repost from WyldKnyght's Blind Taste Test Review Pass. Part Deux!!!

I decided to repost this review so others who may have missed that thread, will get a chance to read it and see how much fun blind reviews are. Thanks Craig for having this Pass.

You can see where I started and how wrong I was in the end. So without further adieu...

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Beautiful #19

Great chocolate brown, oily, toothy wrapper with minimal veins. Dense pack and firm feel with no noticeable soft spots. Very light hay smell.
Punch cut the cap and it gave a nice but firm draw, with almost no flavor pre-light.
Toasted and lit with a soft flame lighter.

1/3 The flavors were pretty light, earthy and chocolatey with a slight bitterness. No pepper. The flavors really came out in the retrohale, giving off a great mocha flavor and aroma. The burn was razor sharp.

2/3 Flavor profile stayed the same but picked up a moderate amount of pepper. The burn stayed razor sharp and I tapped the ash off around the halfway point.

3/3 At this point the bitterness was gone and the mocha changed to full on coffee. The burn stayed razor sharp all the way to about an inch left where I put it down. The total burn time was just about an hour and a half.

I liked this cigar but the bitterness was a bit of a detraction. Not a real big deal but I thought it should be mentioned. The construction and burn were just awesome. If I were to guess, I'd guess this was a Man O War Puro Authentico. Am I right?
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