Man O' War Puro Authentico Maduro Corona ( 5" x 42 )
I picked this cigar up as a 5 pack about three months ago from cbid. Since then it has sat in my cooler at about 62% RH. I believe this one is only sold at CCom and CI. When purchased by the box this one rings in at about $6. They can be found for sale usually around $4.

Initial Impression and Light:
This cigar had a very even dark brown and slightly toothy wrapper with one or two medium veins and excellent seams. The cap had a little tail, not a pig tail, just a straight short tail and the wrapper was folded over on the end covering the foot. The feel of the cigar was firm with a decent amount of give. The cigar smelled pretty strongly of barnyard. I punch cut the cigar which gave a very nice draw, easy but with a good amount of resistance. I toasted and lit the cigar with a soft flame lighter.

The Smoke:
The first puff of the cigar gave a great rich chocolatey flavor. The draw was like a great very sweet and smooth iced coffee flavor that finished with white pepper on the tongue. At some points I got hints of toasted oak. The burn was easy to keep straight and the ash held on for around an inch.

The second third got a little bit stronger with the coffee flavor. The sweetness continued in the draw and pepper in the finish. The burn continued the same way and the ash fell every inch.

The final third the flavors picked up in strength a lot and many of them seemed to come at the same time. It was difficult to separate them out. I was getting some strong espresso, nuts, and oak. The draw wasn't quite a sweet. The burn continued great and the ash continued to fall after an inch. The total burn time to where I couldn't hold the cigar anymore was just about an hour.

Final Thoughts:
Mmmmm, this was a very good cigar especially for the time I usually smoke, at night. The normal price is a little higher than I would want to spend but when I think about it, there aren't any cigars like it in a lower price range.

Below is the burn progression