Paired with a Paso Robles Port.

Initial 1/2" carries the traditional heavy mix of pepper and spices. It quickly calms down with a delicate amount of bread mixed in. The retrohale is still quite strong.

Toward the middle and the retrohale smooths out a little bit and the bread flavor shines a bit more along with a slightly sweet tobacco and array of spices. For a five year old smoke this definitely had legs. There is also a slight saltiness that is bright out when sipping this sweeet wine. Ash is flaky. Burn is a bit choppy but doesn't run away on me.

In the final third and its difficult to describe the balance of strength yet smoothness. A quite smooth yet spicy cigar. Very well balanced. Very enjoyable. As with most cigars, the power continues to build the further into the final third I go. Personally, I think another year or two will make these perfect.