smoked this one during a vherf with ken and a few other friends...he blamed the


love the shape. nice color,rustic looking wrapper. tight and very firm,except the foot,which is spongy. light pepper and cedar aroma's titillate my senses

starts off with light pepper and a fresh tasting tobacco up front. there is a touch of leather floating around that has a hint of sweetness to it

had to touch it up to help keep it on the straight and narrow. more pepper moves to the front,even as a creaminess shows up . the leather still tries to hide,this time behind an earthy tasting tobacco...very interesting

no real changes. slow burning,earthy leather and light pepper tobacco flavors providing the entertainment,along with a few vherf friends

heating up a bit as it nears the end,which cigars are prone to do. although the heat does chase the creaminess away,it adds a nice peppery kick to the earthy tasting tobacco.

enjoyable,but could have used another dimension,or as ken said "less cameroon"

if you have never done it,check out a vherf sometime,ya never know what will happen...