Carlos Fernandez Custom Roll Conde 109 Review

This custom rolled cigar was made several days ago, arrived yesterday, and has been dry boxed for a few hours. So, this review is very much ROTT and wet. As with most reviews I’ve done, this is a first impression review (review is based on only one stick). I’m pairing this custom roll with Dr Pepper and water.

Pre light
Pre-light scent is heavy on the barnyard with a light coco. The dry draw doesn’t bring much. A light spice to the lips and maybe a very very faint mint. Some larger veins on the wrapper and do doubt have a bit of a give to them.

Initial puffs are somewhat muted in that a particular flavor is hard to pick out. There is definitely an array of spices both on the palate and on the retrohale. Red pepper can be picked up easily on the retrohale. After the first couple of inches this stick relaxes a little bit with the spices on the palate and brings in a very light grass with cedar and a little bit of an earthy leather. On the retrohale the spices and red pepper are still on the forefront. The ash seems to hold on decently.

A little past the first third and I go for a flaming purge. Not because the burn is off. The cigar is burning quite well actually. I wanted to see if it would shift any of the flavors. Nope, this stick is still burning strong with the a consistent profile. Now and again I get a slight cashew flavor for a couple of draws.

Towards the final third and a bit of a hay flavor joins the team. The freshness of this cigar is starting to show through and I feel as though I should have let this one dry box out for a couple of days. Some harshness here and there. With a couple inches left of the Carlos Fernandez cigar the harshness builds up and some ammonia comes in so I’m laying it down.

Good burn and good draw. Nic kick was there but not too strong. Flavors were muted and the harshness and ammonia towards the end tells me that these need to air out quite a bit due to them being super fresh and wet. What was there prior to it turning at the end was quite pleasurable and make for an easy and relaxing smoke. I will acclimate another one, dry box it and then smoke it in a week. I’m confident that it will be much better. Aging these will be the best bet and Im setting a smoke date for the rest of the sticks to be about 3 years out.


Revisited this one after letting it rest for a couple of weeks and they are much improved when not wet.
  • February 20, 2016
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