Blind Man's Puff

The whole idea of this site is to get a consensus on a cigar from multiple experienced reviewers without them knowing what they are smoking. Often people have preconceived notions about cigars, whether good or bad, based on their brand or vitola. Sometimes people get stuck in the habit of only smoking certain brands they know they like, or are afraid to try new ones. The hope is that this blog will broaden smoker’s horizons and possibly get an appreciation for cigars they would have written off or not tried otherwise. There may also be surprises the other way, we may review a cigar that most people think is synonymous with greatness only to find it’s overrated.
How This Works

To achieve these reviews we have our distributor Aaron, un-band the sticks supplied and ship them off with only a number to the reviewers of that stick. Then, each reviewer completes a pre-made form that I created with a scoring system, and room for notes. I then compile the numbers using all that statistics stuff we learned in high school that we thought we’d never use like Standard Deviation, and Outliers, and I get a total average for each category and a weighted total score. I then pick out trends and consistent things I see about the cigar in the reviewer notes and add that to the review.